Roasting at North Cove


The Kickstarter Begins!!

     North Cove Coffee is getting ready to expand into coffee roasting!   The roaster will be located at the coffeehouse, allowing customers to be part of the roasting experience. Customers will be able to connect to the roasting process, to the head roasters, and with each other. The bean to cup model of featuring the roaster in-house will offer North Cove coffee drinkers a unique opportunity to see first-hand the roasting process - from green beans grown by farmers to an exquisite espresso drink. All of our coffee drinks will now be served at peak freshness... straight from bean to cup! We’ll even be able to offer our customers the possibility of placing custom roasting orders!!
     We've been burning the midnight oil for many nights working on this project and now, after months of preparation we're ready.  Well..... almost ready. We've taken the project as far as we can on our own, so soon we’re launching a Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds not only for the roaster but to also enable us to bring back Open Mic! North Cove Coffee is already place for great local food, excellent coffee and for sharing ideas, but now, with your help, it’s going to be an even better place with more music offerings and even better, fresher coffee!

     We will be utilizing a 2-pound Sonofresco roaster, manufactured by a local company. This roaster is small enough where we can provide custom batches for customers, roasted by order, but large enough to support our production needs. We will provide cupping (coffee tasting) sessions, allowing our customers to taste our coffee at peak freshness. 
(In the picture Robin is studying roasting profiles with the new roaster!)

     We wouldn't be where we are right now if it wasn't for the countless people who have supported us. This is why we are on Kickstarter. Yes, we need to raise money for a top-of-the-line roasting equipment to start our expansion, but we are looking for more than just money. We want to partner with the people who want to join our journey in making a difference.  Will you join us?

Check out our video about North Cove's Kickstarter Project!


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