As we begin our journey of roasting our own coffee, Laura has been traveling the world, learning from the best coffee farmers. She spent time in Guatemala with a local coffee cooperative, working with the local farmer, Timo, who showed her the entire process - from picking the fruit off the plant, husking the seed, roasting over a fire, and finally grinding off a stone block for the freshest cup of coffee imaginable

The first step is to pick the coffee fruits from the shade grown plants. The farmer is responsible for maintaining, harvesting, and replanting their own plants every 3-4 years. A bright red color indicates that the fruit is ready to be harvested.

The second step is to remove the seed (which will later become what we know as the green bean) from the fruit casing. The fruit is quite tasty (she had a few as a treat!). Timo built a machine that removes the outer fruit layer from the inner seed, based on the mechanics of a bicycle. 

The third step is to rinse and lay the seeds out to dry. Most Guatemalan farmers lay the seeds out on their roofs (pays to have year-round sunshine!) or in their backyards. Timo lays his seeds out behind his house.

After the beans have fully dried, the outer husk of the seed falls off, leaving you with the green bean. Timo and the Guatemalan farmers of the cooperative husk all their beans by hand. The husks go back into the land as fertilizer to make the next crop just as rich in flavor.

Then it's time to roast! Timo built an open-flame fire, and Laura had the opportunity to roast the beans over the fire. It was important that the beans stay moving continuously to avoid burning or over-roasting.

After the beans are roasted to your liking, it's time to grind. Timo hand grinds his beans on a stone disc and Laura learned this technique as well. She is very thankful for our automatic grinders!

The last and final step is to enjoy the freshest, farm-direct cup of coffee in the western hemisphere. This was truly a plant-to-cup experiencce, and we're excited to bring this approach to Skagit Valley. 

You deserve the best in 2017. The best coffee, the best service, and the best community. That's what you'll find at North Cove.

This year, we're expanding our events - with Sip and Paint classes, continuing music jam sessions, and getting ready to begin roasting! That's right - North Cove will soon have a roaster on-site, giving you a front row seat into the process of just how a premium latte is served.

Stay tuned for our roasting debut and be part of the experience!

     North Cove Coffee is getting ready to expand into coffee roasting!   The roaster will be located at the coffeehouse, allowing customers to be part of the roasting experience. Customers will be able to connect to the roasting process, to the head roasters, and with each other. The bean to cup model of featuring the roaster in-house will offer North Cove coffee drinkers a unique opportunity to see first-hand the roasting process - from green beans grown by farmers to an exquisite espresso drink. All of our coffee drinks will now be served at peak freshness... straight from bean to cup! We’ll even be able to offer our customers the possibility of placing custom roasting orders!!
     We've been burning the midnight oil for many nights working on this project and now, after months of preparation we're ready.  Well..... almost ready. We've taken the project as far as we can on our own, so soon we’re launching a Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds not only for the roaster but to also enable us to bring back Open Mic! North Cove Coffee is already place for great local food, excellent coffee and for sharing ideas, but now, with your help, it’s going to be an even better place with more music offerings and even better, fresher coffee!

     We will be utilizing a 2-pound Sonofresco roaster, manufactured by a local company. This roaster is small enough where we can provide custom batches for customers, roasted by order, but large enough to support our production needs. We will provide cupping (coffee tasting) sessions, allowing our customers to taste our coffee at peak freshness. 
(In the picture Robin is studying roasting profiles with the new roaster!)

     We wouldn't be where we are right now if it wasn't for the countless people who have supported us. This is why we are on Kickstarter. Yes, we need to raise money for a top-of-the-line roasting equipment to start our expansion, but we are looking for more than just money. We want to partner with the people who want to join our journey in making a difference.  Will you join us?

Check out our video about North Cove's Kickstarter Project!


Meet you at the Cove!

Our goal is to offer expertly crafted espresso, delicious pastries, artisan sandwiches, salads, and breakfast items using the best organic and natural ingredients.

Come in and enjoy our local wines, tasty craft beers and espressos. Cozy up next to our water-wall, read a book, visit with friends, play board games or watch a sunset!

Evenings at the Cove!

Come in and enjoy our local wines, tasty craft beers and espressos. Cozy up next to our water-wall, read a book, visit with friends, play board games or watch the sunset!

One of the secrets to a great espresso drink is the steamed milk.  Latte art can only be created when the milk is perfectly steamed.  At North Cove Coffee we focus on the steaming of the milk on every drink. 

North Cove Coffee is located in Burlington Washington.  Burlington is centrally located in Skagit County.

Our goal is to offer expertly crafted espresso, delicious pastries, artisan sandwiches, salads, and breakfast items using the best organic and natural ingredients.

North Cove Coffee, Burlington WA, Skagit County

A local, independent, family-owned coffeehouse, North Cove Coffee was established in 2012. Our dream of opening a coffeehouse started over 15 years ago, when our summers would be spent boating around Puget Sound on a classic wooden boat as a family. In the evenings, we would usually find ourselves in a small cove, escaping the rough waters of the day and spending time with friends. The coves offered a calm place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. With a focus on quality, hand-crafted espresso, North Cove Coffee provides a similar sense of community and relaxation to our customers today.

Our commitment to excellence starts with people – from the farmers who harvest the beans, to our skilled and artful baristas, to our wonderful customers. Each drink is made with love, care, and a passion for great coffee.

Our dedication to espresso perfection has made North Cove an award-winning coffeehouse. A true testament to our mission, we were voted “Best Coffee Shop in Skagit County” in 2013 and 2014, and were nominated for the King 5 Evening Magazine “Best of Western Washington” contest in 2014.

We invite you to enjoy a hand-crafted quality coffee drink at North Cove and experience the difference.

Jan and Bob

North Cove Coffee stands apart with amazing latte art.